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Fisheye Camera

236 degree field of view encompasses everything. With the fisheye camera, its flexible zooming effect, large field of view and long depth of field can bring your pictures with stunning effect.

Panoramic Photos

The immersive and interactive formats offer you the gorgeous pictures from the most real perspectives. Turn around the photos as you like, you will love the pictures with the multiple views and cool playback effects.

Panoramic Videos

You will not miss any single wonderful moment in the movement; by a simple pressing of shutter, everybody at the party will become the limelight in your picture; with the aircraft, the familiar city buildings in the pictures will become both novel and fantastic.

Original 236° × 360° panoramic lens
offer wider field of view

App makes operation easier
Wi-Fi connection supports remote camera shooting, real-time preview and quick share
Pictures can be taken even without any appearance of photographer