Sphere S Overview | Specs | Buy Now

Compared with the previous-generation, Sphere S has been enhanced 3x processor performance, 4x frame rates, and 12-megapixel image quality. It allows you to shoot incredibly detailed 360°video.

4K SONY Sensor

With SONY 12-megapixel Backside Illuminated CMOS image Sensor, you can capture still photos in 4000x3000 resolution and videos in 2880x2160 resolution. It means you can find more stunning details within images taken.

236°FOV / High-quality Ultra-wide-angle Fish-eye Lens

With 236-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, you can record a full-view image completely, the unforgettable memories will stay with you.

High-speed SportsMode

With the ability to Shoot high definition video at 30FPS, 60FPS, and high frame rates up to 120FPS. You can capture immersive scenes and instants in motion.

Support 360-degree Video Format

The video can be converted to standard 360°video format, and shared on YouTube and Facebook via DETU Camera App or PC software directly.

Multiple Shooting Modes

Sphere S features shooting modes such as panorama, fish-eye, planet and VR, which allow you to create many kinds of different videos and photos.

Preview, Shoot, Playback and Control with App

Sphere S features built-in Wi-Fi , allowing you to connect to the DETU Camera App, control the camera in real time, shoot easily, playback and share videos and photos instantly.